The following article appeared in Southern Paws & Tails, Summer 2007. Pup Strutters has been providing professional pet sitting services since 1992.

Image of Debra Hall
Debra Hall, Owner
with "Pete"

Owner of Pup Strutters, Debra Hall, is excited and proud to say she and her staff have been taking care of our four-legged friends now for 15 years. Starting out in 1992, Debra was recuperating from neck surgery and thought about making a fresh start. She had been a medical recruiter for a local company when she had a boating accident. During her three months of healing she decided to do something fun. She loved animals and thought, "Why not do something with animals and make a living doing so?" Now, 15 years later she has a staff of 10 sitters and a clientele of over 1,000 dogs, cats and every pet you can imagine.

She still services the very first client she serviced when she started the business 15 years ago. Of course, that client has different pets now.

Pup Strutters is a pet sitting business serving the Midlands of South Carolina. They come to your home and take care of your little ones so they do not have to spend the night in a kennel. "Not all pets enjoy being in a kennel situation," says Hall. "Although there are some fine kennels in Columbia, some pets are just happier staying home."

In-home pet sitting is very convenient to the owners, as well. "Our clients are usually so stressed out from just getting ready to take a trip, one thing they don't have to worry about is putting the dogs or cats in the car and taking them to a kennel before they close for the day," she says. "And when they come home from their trip, their pets are there waiting on them with wagging tails!"

Each client has their very own personal pet setter at Pup Strutters. "We have an interview before they leave town so the client feels comfortable with who's coming in after they leave," explains Hall. The company is licensed and bonded and has hundreds of references. Debra is known by the veterinarians in town and has become friends with many of her clients over the years. In fact, a few of her clients actually work for Pup Strutters now.

"People love their pets like they do their children," she says. "These are their babies. I hear that all the time, and that's why they choose us. They don't want to stress their animals out anymore than they have to when they go on vacation!"

If you want to do something great for your pet, call Debra at 781-5585. She'll answer any questions that you may have.

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